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Are you looking for the most efficient and smart way to sell your used car in Hong Kong? Tell us a little bit about your car and how to reach you and we will get back to you with a quote for your car’s sale price in 24 hours!

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Unlimited Listings, Any Vehicle Type


Unlimited Listings, Any Vehicle Type

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3 Locations in Hong Kong Island - Always ready to help



42, G/F, Tin Hau Temple Road North Point, H.K.


B2 Floor, Chi Fu Landmark Plaza, Pok Fu Lam, H.K.


G/F, 16 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Victory Factory Building, H.K.



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The guys at Vin’s Motors are veterans in the used car market. We pick only the best vehicles to offer you the most competitive prices in Hong Kong.Buying a car at Vin’s is an experience. Experts at Vin’s are dedicated to providing the best experience for the buyer. Knowledgeable, Honest, No Hassle experience will have you driving away with your new car happily.We sell more than just a car at Vin’s Motors. Vin’s handles all the procedures and paperworks on behalf of our clients for you to get behind the wheels as fast as you can.We only offer the best at Vin’s Motors. With the right care, our used collections will maintain top performance for years to come and feel just like new every single time.


Vin’s guarantees exceptional customer service from picking out a car to signing the final papers
Combined 50+ years of experience in helping our clients choose the right vehicle for your needs
Fully equipped service and maintenance facility to look after all your car care needs after the sale
Competitive offer for all trade in vehicles to make your upgrade a smooth transition




Frequently Asked Questions
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